Our products are made of beech. This is a tasteless and odorless hard essence wood, according to the requirements of the European regulations (2023/2006 and 1935/2004)

Complying with EU regulation the applied food safety system is the heart of our integrated management system that is developed on the HACCP principles and is conforming to the requirements of BRC.

The food safety system, supporting the entire business, surveys and controls that:

  • customer safety comes first
  • products safety is fundamental and considered from the early initial stage
  • traceability ensures the survey , control and immediate reaction all along the supplying chain root cause analysis ensure efficient corrective actions and immediate competent response in case of emergency

Dedicated to sustainable resourcing Euro Sticks Group aims to develop a business committed to continuous improvement and ethical performance along the supply chain in which it is involved


Our production units’ locations follow beech forest
Wood resource originates from responsible managed forests that secure its continuous renewal. The certified chain of custody for wood resource ensures (PEFC and/or FSC® compliance):

  • benefits for the environment by promotion of a natural material
  • our sustainable participation in the growth of a safe and sound forest

We strive to implicate local European suppliers to reduce our carbon foot print


Preparing the future we aim to reduce the total impact of our organization on the environment.
In general the Life Cycle Assessment and particularly the Carbon Footprint of our products orient our decisions and guide our strategy. The problems that are affecting the future of our planet require the immediate and responsible involvement of our organization

Ensure today the resources required for preparing a healthy and safe future
Four major principles are applied as business keys:
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Respect ethical and social code of conduct
  • Added value is considered the fuel for improvement
  • Life cycle assessment for the product